Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Almost an update - also, need your help

I have been so busy with landlord and housing related stupidity that I have had virtually NO time to do anything art-wise. Which is pretty unfortunate, because I have a lot of stuff I really ought to be working on. Luckily I found a GREAT apartment, dangerously located just next to an antique shop, and am settling in nicely. I hope to get back to some of my projects soon!

One thing I have been doing is researching for an upcoming show. I'm really interested in embroidered game boards right now. I've found a lot of great examples in my searches, and one in particular is a fascinating mystery. I found this great image on a game blog

Chinesenspiel game board

with no information about the image other than that it is a game called Chinesenspiel, a variant of Pachisi.

Does anyone know anything about this board? It's definitely a textile, looks to be embroidered but I can't find a better image to be entirely positive. I'm not even sure it's a functional Chinesenspiel board because it differs slightly from the other examples pictured. I don't enough about this particular type of game to say. I think it's really beautiful though and I'd love to know more about where it came from or who did it!

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