Wednesday, February 23, 2011

pinterest, fabric architecture

1. My friend Miriam turned me on to Pinterest. It's like a visual social bookmarking tool. You have to request an invite, but mine only took a few days. I haven't gotten very far with mine yet, but it's fun to browse around and look at others' boards. The layout so far is not my favorite, and I feel like the "pinning" takes longer than it needs to, but it's an interesting tool. My favorite part is how you can easily make comparisons of and assessments about groups of items that might not be obvious if you couldn't see them all together.
2. I'm working on an art project right now that involves making replicas of houses out of felt. In the interest of professional research I've been looking at a lot of pictures of fabric architecture.

This one still remains my all-time favorite. This is an installation by Do-Ho Suh, a full-scale replica of his New York apartment in translucent nylon.

As I find others I'm adding them to the Pinterest board thingy. Send me links if you know of any!
I've got a splitting headache and need an additional 8 hours in each day.

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