Wednesday, March 17, 2010

eye surgery - getting personal

I have been pretty silent here for a while, partly because I've been busy doing other things and partly because I've had to think for a while about what to write.

After a few years of long, hard pondering, I opted to have corrective surgery to straighten out my crooked eyes. This happened Monday. I'm recovering probably rather faster than they predicted, but I'm also probably pushing myself a little hard.

I am not sure I can describe what it's like to wake up and to see things differently. To both look different and to see differently. I guess I probably won't really know until I'm a bit more recovered. The ultimate goal was to be able to do more art with less pain, so as the months unfold I guess I will be finding out if that was the result. Until then I just have to work on getting used to this!


  1. I have a cleft palate which I've opted to leave alone without further, and purely aesthetic, corrective surgery out of some lingering sense of defiance. Or fear the ensuing results would be weirder.

    I couldn't imagine balancing what could be a distinctive feature and part of your character with, in your case as it sounds, obvious health benefits of corrective surgery.

    Hope everything comes out okay!

  2. thanks! You are probably the only person who really gets it. I wished for some time that I could correct the vision problems without the cosmetic change. Impossible, obviously. I imagine I will feel a little weird about this for some time.