Tuesday, July 28, 2009

new art supply - random chance.

colored die
Originally uploaded by thirdpersonpossessive

The idea of using dice or similar devices to make decisions isn't really a novel idea, but it's an idea I'm intrigued by all the same. So when Matte & I saw this at Super-fly in Yellow Springs, OH, I think we both knew right away I needed it for art-making purposes.

Each face has a square with a different color on it - here we can see the secondaries being represented. The primaries are the ones you can't see.

I'm not sure yet exactly how I will employ this item, but I think it'll be pretty important.


  1. Oh, that will be fun. I've thought about getting a D12 and assigning stitches to each number.

    This die is from some complicated version of Uno, isn't it?

  2. Is it? Not sure. That would make sense though. It was in a fishbowl full of random dice.

    I tend to always pick the same colors, and when I go to pick "unusual, non-me" colors, end up picking the same "non-me" colors, so I feel like this could really broaden my horizons.