Thursday, May 21, 2009

upcoming stuff and news

So, I was telling my dear friend the other day that I'm pretty sure my mind is atrophying. I'm spending SO MUCH time on artwork right now that all other aspects of my mind are deteriorating. My ability to read and comprehend? Positively flaccid. Expressing complex ideas verbally? Virtually nil.

But, intense focus can breed good things as well, so I am just going to continue to push through until June and then take a much-deserved break. I've mentioned the events I'm preparing for, but just so it's all in one place:


Kristen, the hard-working lady behind Schmancy, interviewed me recently for this show. You can read it on her blog.

I'm also participating in the Indieana Handicraft Exchange the very same weekend as Fiber Arctic opens -- June 13. If you're within driving distance of Indianapolis, it should be a fun day of art & music and I would encourage you to attend.

Other projects are in the works but I only have enough space in my brain to think about those two right now!


  1. I have the same brain problem, but I thought it was from having a kid. So you're saying it's fabric? Interesting...

  2. I think it probably comes from focusing on ANY one thing in favor of other things. :) Can't be helped sometimes, but still frustrating!